Online Biz-Talk

Whatever your niche this page is where you will find items of general interest around developing, maintaining and working with your… Online Biz.

Pull up a chair , grab a nice cuppa (coffee or tea, or something more relaxing if it’s that time of day for you)  go right here, whether that’s making and selling bratwursts or drop-shipping baseball caps or affiliate marketing vampire bat stain removal technology. There will probably be something of use to you under discussion (aka. “online biz-talk”).

BuildaBiz – Software Reviews

Here you will find products and services which I have reviewed and approved as software or services which, in my opinion , would be useful to anyone building their own… Online Business.

I only review “stuff” which I consider legitimate and “hype free”. No “shiney objects” allowed here or any software which guarantees millions of dollars on auto pilot without any work from you… sorry… it just doesn’t exist. Most of us have been scammed as newbies to the online biz game and I certainly don’t intend to be listed in that category.

Anything I support or promote as an affiliate will be either something I use myself or know to be legitimate in its claims. Conversely… If it is not up to standard in my opinion, then I will say so.

Freeby Stuff … & Everything Else

Building a business online is no mean feat nowadays.

Anyone who has managed it… or… anyone currently engaged in doing so will attest to that theory… I’m about 100% sure of that.

A familiar story is that of a struggle to get started, often spanning many years. Struggling to learn the ins & outs of the “online biz” business… so to speak. Struggling to start a list of customers. Struggling to earn a dollar to pay for all of the so called “Shiney Object” business opportunities and business building software you pick up guaranteed to make you your first $million whilst you sleep.

Well as I stated before, that rarely happens and in the real world you have to work hard and smart to build a successful online/home business. It’s a matter of having the right tools to get the job done as well as the right mindset and figuring out what sort of online business it is that you want.

That is the purpose of this web site. The main focus being reviewing Affiliate Marketing Software and products as well as Online Business Marketing Systems which are designed to make a business opportunity work more effectively, successfully, profitably and as smoothly as possible.

To assist you, please check out my Freeby Stuff Page… There may be something there which will be useful to add to your OnlineBizBuilding toolbox… with my compliments!