Analysis Paralysis … And How Perseverance Pays Off

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I’ve been reminiscing a bit recently, Back to the time when I was starting to build
my home business and I was suffering from “Analysis Paralysis” and pondering what I thought was …


retirement worriesI recalled the words of encouragement from a well known sponsor of mine.

At the time I didn’t realise the fact that every successful home business developer
ha had their own share of…


Here’s what he, and every other successful online business entrepreneur, teaches.

I like to call it “Preservation by Perseverance” & it goes something…

…like this:

Many famous and successful business owners have a history of failure behind them.
The reason they finally succeeded is because they never gave up.
The proof that perseverance pays off is in the following stories of people who have been successful.

Hey, look them up and read about them… their stories are both fascinating and inspirational.

* Henry Ford
* Colonel Sanders
* Walt Disney
* Albert Einstein
* Socrates
* Thomas Edison
* Vincent Van Gogh
* Jack London
* Elvis Presley
* Steven Spielberg
* J.K. Rowling
* Steve Jobs
* Bill Gates

Every single one of these successful people experienced failure in their lives.
Some even experienced bankruptcy and the loss of everything they held dear.
But, they kept on going and kept on trying and eventually it paid off.
The same can happen for you in your home business if you understand how perseverance works.

Read Motivational Books

There is a book called The Compound Effect, by Darren Hardy,
that every person who wants to accomplish anything in life should put on their reading list.
The gist is that doing something small every single day adds up to something big.
That goes with working, writing a book, dieting, education and building a home business.
Imagine if you stuck to something every single day for a year – how would the end of the year be different?

Learn from Others

If you’re not convinced about sticking to things longer than you’re comfortable,
Julie Andrews once said, “Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th”.
What if you gave up after that 19th time, right before you finally experienced success? That would be horrible.
That’s why it’s important to stick to things even when that means starting completely over and coming at a problem from a different angle.                                                                 If you are using a new system to build your home business but you are getting frustrated, because your business is not going viral,  avoid the so called…

Shiney Object Syndrome … a system that is pushed your way as the answer to all your problems . “Shiney Objects” like this will only guarantee one outcome…

…wasted money and wasted time.

Stick with your system and tweak it, refine it, master it and you will succeed.

Silence Resistance

You’re always going to have other people, including your own inner voice,
who are afraid and will try to stop you from success.
Even people who love you may be Debbie downers sometimes and try to talk sense into you.
It’s important that you silence these voices.
Ask your family and friends to refrain from discussing it at all if they can’t be encouraging,
and turn your inner voice around to be positive.

Work Hard

You’re not going to succeed overnight; it’s just that simple. You’re going to struggle, and that’s okay.
Accept that you’ll be working hard for a while without a payoff.
There is a saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert.
But don’t wait until you’re an expert to do something…

…do it now and you’ll eventually become an expert.

Let Go of Blame

Even when things don’t work out – instead of blaming anyone and making excuses,
look at the situation and figure out how you can do it differently next time.
A gymnast will watch a video back of their performance and pinpoint what they’re doing wrong and then correct it.
They won’t blame their knock knees or the balance beam or even themselves.
Instead, they find out what they can change and work on that.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

If you have some bad habits like being negative, playing video games too much,
or stuffing your face when you’re stressed,
try to change those and get rid of those bad habits and instead focus on your end goal.
Procrastination is a symptom of fear. Work through the fear and you will eventually experience success.

J.K. Rowling has been sharing her rejection letters on Twitter and she says…

…every rejection is really a good thing as it gets you closer to success.
Don’t let other people tell you that you’re not good enough.
You are good enough and you can succeed if you just keep trying.

So stick at it.





Trevor Tillotson

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