Are You Taking Your Business Website Seriously?

Are You Taking Your Business Website Seriously?

Many business owners and start-ups simply don’t take their business website seriously enough. They use free builders or free blogging application to build their websites.

Or worse – some people think they can use only a Facebook page or a LinkedIn account and not even have a website, yet get the same results. If they do have a website, they don’t add the functionality it needs, or think about their audience when they put content on the site. In short, it’s obvious they don’t take their business website seriously.

If you’re committing any of these sins, please think twice and know that your business website is a serious tool to bring serious business opportunities and customers to you.

* Remember… Your Business Website Is Open 24/7 – Using the right technology, you can bring people to your website, some, who will read your content and sign up for your email list. They might even land on specialized landing pages that encourage them to buy something that you’re offering, or you could provide a coupon to help get feet in the door.

* People Use Google First – If you’ve not faced it, you’ll have to soon enough. Most people use Google Search to find what they need before they leave their house. If you’ve filled your website with the right content (keywords & SEO), that content will help people searching for certain terms to find you and your business.

* It’s an Effective Branding Mechanism – You can use your website as a way to further brand your business. Today, it’s expected that you have a website for your business. It’s more than a brochure and more than a place to get information. It’s the storefront for your business on the web. For some people with solely online businesses, it is the only storefront.

* You’ll Get More Customers – By having a business website that has the things it needs: a good home page, an articles page, an about page that explains your story, and an email sign-up form, you’ll be able to get information to your audience faster than ever before.

* You’ll Earn More Revenue – It’s a proven fact (according to the SBA) that in today’s IT savvy world, business owners who also have good websites earn more money. In fact, if you make sales online, over 50 percent are likely to come from new customers attracted to your website.

* All Your Competitors Have One – Even if you don’t want to have a website, you need to because you can guarantee that your competition is doing it. Otherwise, when someone does a search for a business like yours, they’ll more easily and more likely find theirs and not yours.

* It’s a Business Marketing Machine – Your website is a genuine marketing machine because it draws in interested people, teaches them about your offerings and your story, and then convinces them to try your products or services – all without your continued monitoring. Once it’s set up, it works for you. As a business owner your website should be part of your marketing system. That system should include not only your web site but other marketing tools such as, web hosting of your website, an autoresponder for sending out automated and planned promotional emails and other information to your customers, a video marketing suite for you to promote your products and a video conference suite to allow you to run web casts if you have products requiring educational content or to promote a new service to your customers.

One such suite that I recommend is GVO HostThenProfit which is a “no brainer” as far as quality product and financially… very affordable. You can find out more by clicking on the orange “Learn More” link below…

* Your Website Is the Center of All Your Business Marketing and Branding Efforts – The truth is, your website should be considered the hub of all your online, and off-line, business activities. Every social media post should lead back to your website. Content that your audience wants to read and engage with, then share with social media, should be put on your website.

Having an effective website and a linked, effective, business management system proves that not only do you take your business seriously, you also take modern technology seriously. Websites give confidence to consumers that you’re a real business, that you take your business seriously, and that you have some sort of expertise or skill as explained by the content on your website.

Because people like buying from those that they feel they know, like and trust, a business website is the first step to building that reputation and trust.

Here’s to your website’s success





Trevor Tillotson

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