Boost Your Website with Internet Site Search Data

Boost Your Website with Internet Site Search Data

A site search box is a feature on most websites; if you don’t have one, it’s time to install one. It not only enables your visitors to search for information on your website, it also gives insight into visitor behavior and hones in on what they’re really looking for.

  1. Ensure Site Search and Google Analytics Are Installed

Without these two features you cannot access site search data, so ensure that you have a search box installed as well as have Google Analytics installed properly. The best location for your site search box is in the upper right-hand corner, because that’s where your visitors are used to it being located.

2. Review Site Search Terms Visitors Used

Seeing what your site visitors are looking for is truly an amazing feature. You can see how your visitor searches for something, the terms they use, the format they may search for, and more. If visitors are searching for things you offer, you can make sure you’re using the right keywords so they can find it. If they search for things you don’t offer but they are within your niche, you can create them. Site search gives you huge insight into what your visitors want and need.

3. Review Where Visitors Performed the Site Search

It’s important to know what page the visitor used the search function on. That small piece of information will tell you a lot about the visitor and what they expected when they got to the page. You have to learnhow to look at it from their perspective and re-examine the search terms that brought them to that page, as well as whether or not you need to update that page so as to keep visitors returning.















4. Review Where the Search Terms Took Them

A very ueful and valuable exercise is to take the search terms your visitors used, and conduct their search yourself on your site. Where does the search send your visitor? Are you able to find something that they may have wanted that may have answered their question? If not, can you find out a way to fix it so that every single search term they looked for leads to something relevant?

5. Can You Create New Products Based on Search Terms?

When you list the search terms that your audience looked for on your site, take some time to brainstorm whether or not you can create products or services that fit in with those terms.

6. Do the Search Terms Fit with Your Niche?

Perhaps you need to take stock and redo your lead magnet if the search terms used are irrelevant to your niche or strange in some way. Take a look again at what led your visitors to the site, and see if you can determine what they hoped to see. You may need to readjust your site and keywords to better fit your audience.

7. Do You Have Products And Services That Fit Those Search Terms?

Can you identify products and or services that fit the search terms that your visitor searched for? If so, did they find them? If not, why not? You would benefit from knowing how you can make it easier for your visitors to find what they came to your website to find?

As you can see, it is not difficult to see how using internet site search can really boost your website’s potential in amazing and productive ways – provided you use the information gathered correctly.





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