Challenges and Concerns for Female Entrepreneurs

Well, what are the real challenges and concerns for female entrepreneurs… the question is obvious isn’t it? however the answers are not to obvious and are pretty unique to women.

When it comes to becoming an entrepreneur, women may have some perceived challenges from the start. However, these challenges can easily be taken head-on with some education and perseverance. Let’s go over these challenges and learn how to deal with them before they cause problems.

* Being Perceived as Bossy – Sometimes in our society women who are strong are seen as bossy while a male who does the same thing is seen as strong. But, instead of worrying about that perception, women should learn to take charge and not worry about other peoples opinions. When someone accuses you of being “bossy,” take charge of the situation and highlight examples of males in the same position as yourself. Do this and most reasonable people who are exposed to their inadvertent sexism will change their stance.

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* Building Networks – Because of the mis-conception that most people who are business owners are men, many groups seem to be male centric. However, today particularly in the age of e-commerce and online marketing, there are many groups either dominated by women or available for women to join. But, don’t wait around for women-centered groups to develop in your niche; show your strength by joining the groups that are male dominated, earn the respect of your peers and take a leadership approach. Don’t be afraid to be a leader. You’ll be more respected and openly accepted than you think.

* Finding Funding – It can be a real problem when it comes to going to banks and finding funding from angel investors. Most angel investors happen to be men right now, and due to that, most of the connections follow the “good ol’ boy network.” You may have to do something to really differentiate yourself to get that type of funding, but it can be done. Alternatively rather than developing an off-line business which may need a huge capital outlay, consider starting an on-line home based business which requires minimal capital investment to get started.


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* Being Well Balanced –This is one of the biggest challenges and concerns for female entrepreneurs wanting to start a business… traditionally women have been expected to do everything well. They are expected to take care of their homes, their children, and do well in business too… often all at the same time. It’s not really fair to expect women to do all of that, but the fact is that that’s the idea many people have perpetuated and allowed to prevail. Most women today challenge these assumptions and expect help from their family and partner, make sure you do just that… demand equality.

* Managing Time – Due to the above expectation that women will handle all things family and home, sometimes managing your time can be an issue. However, if you remember to ask your partner to help, or hire help, you can get better. Don’t outsource anything that is imperative for you to do. Most women in leadership roles have learned to “work smart”. For example, it’s important to do bath time, and you should do your own webinars, but someone else can clean the house, and someone else can set up the technology for your webinars.

* Fear of Success – This is not really a problem isolated to women, but there is a high prevalence of women who seem to shy away from success. Success carries a lot of responsibility and it can be overwhelming at times. Respect yourself the way you want others to respect you. If you want to be a successful business owner, you have to see yourself as one first before anyone else will do the same.

* Find and Surround Yourself With Role Models – Every news report, business article, magazine and so forth often perpetuates the idea that women are in the minority in business. But the fact is that in the USA, women own 10.6 billion businesses and are the fastest growing segment of business owners in the world. Women currently own more than 28 percent of all non-farm businesses in the USA.

What ever you do… don’t allow your gender to define who you are as an entrepreneur. You can meet every challenge and become very successful in your business niche by joining with your peers to embrace who you are each and every day.

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