Commission Blueprint – Affiliate Marketing Training Software Review

Vendor: Glynn Kosky
PRO: Invaluable training for affiliate marketing business builders, also not wasted on anyone building an online presence in any niche.
CON: No major cons with this training program - at this price it's a gift! but maybe pdf notes to accompany the video tutorials would help the student pick up the main points of the training.

Commission Blueprint – Affiliate Marketing Training Software Review


Today’s review all about a new Affiliate Marketing system from one of the best in the business.

Glynn Koski has produced this Affiliate Marketing Training program aimed at anyone wanting to start building or already embarking on the road to developing their own home/online affiliate marketing business.

At around $7.00,I have to say it is a steal. Many people sign up to similar one on one training programs for hundreds of dollars just to get the same content as what Glynn introduces in the 9 Training Modules comprising the Commission Blueprint training program.

The system is well laid out in a progressive step by step video presentation format, is visually appealing and Glynn has an easy relaxed way of delivering his pearls of wisdom to the recipient.

Each of the main 8 modules (the ninth being an invaluable Q&A session) is clear and precise with content which over-delivers (relative to the cost). The training includes everything you need to kick start your Affiliate Marketing business. That said the training would suit anyone building an online presence/business in any business niche.

Most of the modules are comprised of Power Point-type slides as well as very precise, clear and invaluable “step by step” video demonstrations. These can be paused and replayed at any time for re-enforcement of a point or for purpose of note taking.

On the pro side of the equation, all in all, for the lean price on offer, I consider this training to be at the high end of the useful information spectrum for anyone developing an Affiliate Marketing Business or any other niche of home/online business.

The Only con I have, and it is a small one, is that this type of training lends its self well to the provision of printable Modular pdf Notes to accentuate the main points of the teaching. That said I believe that including pdf notes would hike up the price a little. Their absence means that some parts of the video presentations will be re-played and reviewed by the student… often the best way to learn something new!

So Commission Blueprint and Glynn Koski get the bid tick from me.


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Have fun and get productive with your new affiliate marketing training






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