Email Marketing – AWeber Free Autoresponder Review

Vendor: AWeber Free
PRO: Highly sophisticated yet simple to use technology. Access to all essential back-office email marketing tools. Top notch, free, email marketing autoresponder education. Free for life option
CON: Limited numbers for subscriber lists, email sends and list profiles... but not enough to be a problem if you are just starting out!

Whether you are building or maintaining either a “bricks and mortar” or “online/home” business you will have one “thing in common” with every other business person…the need for email marketing… and…the need for a customer “list”.

You will also have one other “thing in common” and that is the need to keep in touch with your customer list as well as continue to build your customer (data) base.

Both these essential elements are what create the “life-blood” of every business , whether… online or offline.

The modern trends of customer education and information are tending to more and more include interaction via “social media”.

However… email correspondence… on a regular basis… is still considered the best and most effective way of contacting and influencing the education, business and purchasing decisions of your customers.

Such an email marketing system… for the uninitiated… is known as an “Autoresponder”.


What Is An Autoresponder?

An email marketing autoresponder is a “back-office” software tool which toils away in the background. It allows you to automate your business.

You use the autoresponder software to create client lists you want to market your product or service to.

By creating a series of emails you can build a product, or service, email marketing campaign. You can then program your autoresponder software to schedule those emails to be sent out to your selected client list… on autopilot.

There are many autoresponder software programs available online today. But not all are created equally. They are all similar in what they do, however they all differ slightly. The difference being in how effectively and visually they present the finished product to the customer (…or List).

In the end, it boils down to what you want from, or how happy you are with the finished product.

Some of the cheaper email marketing autoresponders limit what they offer by way of sophistication. They only allow very basic email messages and limited built in templates for developing “Sign-up Forms” and “Thank You Pages”. These are tools you get as “standard features” in the more sophisticated autoresponder systems such as AWeber and Get Response.

That is not to say that you should limit your choice of autoresponder service by only considering using one of the “big boys on the block”. As an alternative to AWeber and Get Response, there are other “stand alone” systems available such as MyMailit. These may allow you more independant control over your email list but have less features.

Pay Annually, Per Month or… How about… FREE?

email marketing

Of all of the “pay per month or annual” autoresponder services AWeber email marketing software has stood the test of time for dependable reliability and value for money… even in the Free Plan.

Here’s what you get with the fully paid-up AWeber Pro Plan…

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
  • Beautiful Email Templates
  • Automated Emails
  • Unlimited Image Storage
  • RSS to Email
  • Industry-Leading Deliverability
  • Easily Import Subscribers
  • Sign Up Forms
  • View In-Depth Analytics
  • Connect AWeber with Your Other Tools (Integrate Easily)

And that’s not all you get, here you see what AWeber has to offer in comparison to some of the other heavyweight email marketing autoresponders…

email marketing
email marketing

By comparison it is easy to see why I chose AWeber… it stands out and noses ahead of Get Response, its nearest contender, with Forever Analytics Storage and Unlimited Sign-up Form Templates + Split Testing, Stock Photo numbers, Image Hosting Storage and Email Template #’s.

New To Email Marketing… Go with AWeber Free

AWeber Free gives you all of the basic email marketing tools needed to get started.

As you might expect… there are limitations as to the scope of practice that the AWeber Free email marketing tools allow you to explore.

Not sufficient enough though to prevent you from integrating AWeber with your website (if you have one) and/or produce your first email marketing campaign.

AWeber Free allows you to learn how to use an autoresponder to get your email marketing projects underway and promote your online business.

Here’s what you get with AWeber Free…

email marketing
email marketing

The Main Limitations

The main limitations to the AWeber Free Plan are…

  • Subscriber (List) Limit = 500
  • Email Sends = 3,000/month
  • List Profiles = 1

That still leaves AWeber Free subscribers with arguably the most powerful suite of tools available to get their email marketing off to a flying start.

Free AWeber Online Email Marketing Education

AWeber gives open access to a massive library of freely accessible online educational content to help guarantee the online business success of their clients.

Check out how to get started with this introductory video from AWeber’s Jay Moore…

As you can see, the power of AWeber is enormous and a breeze to set up.

You can get started today with AWeber Free right here…

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