How To Develop Your Home Business… Without Knowing Everything

So many times as a business owner, you feel like you have to know how to do every last thing to run your business. You need to wear so many hats that your neck starts hurting under the weight and pressure. But the fact is, to succeed you only need to be able to do a few things really well. The rest you can let someone else do, because that’s what they do really well.

Here are a few tips on how to develop your home business… without knowing everything.

No One Knows It All

The fact is, no one knows everything. Not even you. If you think you need to be the web designer, the content writer, the customer service manager, and do everything in your business, you’re likely super tired and overwhelmed. And your business is suffering due to your inability to accept that you can’t do it all and should not do it all.








Keep Learning

This is not to say you should ever stop learning. There may be aspects of your business that you do have to do on your own, or at least know enough about to outsource them smartly. However, no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, you can keep learning so that you are aware of the trends and what steps are necessary for you to learn how to develop your home business.

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Know What to Outsource

The best advice is to outsource anything that is not vital to your business and not the core reason for your business to exist. So, for example, if you are a content strategist you may not outsource the strategy part, but once the strategy is completed you will outsource the rest – being the touchstone for all members of the content team.

Focus on Your Core Money-Making Task

It depends on your business, but your core money-making task is where you need to place your focus. If you are an information marketer who creates information products for others in a particinternetmarketing4ular niche, it’s important that you focus on creating those products and let others focus on marketing those products. You may be the idea person, and have an entire team under you to implement those ideas. You may be the one physically creating the product, but once you do, turn it over to those who will sell it.


Evaluate the Cost of Doing It Yourself

A lot of small business owners are afraid of outsourcing because they worry about the cost. But, how much is your time worth? If your core business isn’t web design, why are you spending so much time on web design for your business? That’s time you could be creating more products to sell. If you earn $60K a year, using the typical working year of about 2080 hours, then your time is worth over 28 dollars an hour. If you can outsource something for less than that, then you’re ahead.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to know everything to succeed. You can be an expert in one little thing, like teaching yoga for instance, and become the best yoga teacher ever without knowing a thing about technology. You can hire someone to take videos, to build a website, or to deal with customers, but you can’t hire someone to be you. Therefore, be you first, and the rest will take care of itself.






Trevor Tillotson

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