How to Leverage Growing Technology to Be Competitive

One of the most amazing things about owning an online/offline business today is that there is so much technology that is continuing to grow and improve. This technology makes it even more possible for you to be successful as a business owner without having to hire a lot of people, or pay for high-cost infrastructure. The barriers to entry are lower than ever for entrepreneurs that have an idea and go for it. Here’s how to leverage growing technology to be competitive and make the most of the wealth of technological application available.

    1. Use Cloud-Based Project Management Software to Stay Organized

Software like, and others allows you to keep yourself and a team of contractors organized in such a seamless way that even land-based businesses are starting to implement these solutions. The more organized a business is, the more that they can get done in a shorter amount of time – thus saving one of their most valuable resources, which is time, for other projects

2. Move to the Cloud for More Security and Flexibility

There is so much to love about cloud technology, but one of the best features is the fact that you can access your information from anyplace and keep it more secure. It might seem scary to have your information in the cloud, but it’s actually more secure than if it’s on your hard drive on your PC. The reason is that if you have a fire or a theft, the information is not accessible without the right password. Cloud-based systems use backups to keep your information safer.


3. Automate More to Free Up Time and Appear Bigger

Even as a sole proprietor you can run a multi-figure business using automation. The type of automation available, from email marketing, shopping carts, customer service management and more, is an important part of running a business today. You can manage a huge business without using up all your time if you use the right automation.

4. Increase Your Skill Resources by Outsourcing around the Globe Using Cloud Solutions

Due to the internet you can now outsource around the world using services like, investing in less expensive and even more talented labor which will help you increase the skillset you have to offer your customers. Due to services like Dropbox, Basecamp and others, working with others is easier than ever.

5. Use Online Bookkeeping Software to Automate Financial Information

Save time doing your bookkeeping by setting up automated bookkeeping with solutions like Go Daddy Bookkeeping, which work with your bank and or PayPal to automatically enter income and expenses. This means you can cut down on how much time you have to spend on bookkeeping duties.

6. Increase Customer Service Satisfaction by Using a Cloud-Based CRM Solution

Customer relationship management can be automated for the most part, with only the most serious situations being dealt with in person. Set up a searchable FAQ so that your customers can first serve themselves and only escalate to individual service when needed. This can cut down on your time expenditure but also help improve customer satisfaction.

7. Perform Online Webinars and Training to Save Money and Time

If you have a team, or you want to build a team, using online webinar systems can save time and money on training for your business. Training costs a lot of time and money when you have to meet in person. Putting training online that is automated can be even better. For example, once you record one live webinar, you can put it in training for people to watch later.

8. Start an Online Storefront Using Cloud-Based Shopping Cart Technology

If you sell physical products or digital products, starting an online storefront is easier than ever due to the growth of cloud-based shopping cart technology. You don’t have to install a native application anymore; instead you can get a full service shopping cart that works for all types of businesses, for example, which works for physical and digital products. If you are interested in drop shipping and learning how to sell products without holding stock you can find out more at





Technology is there for you to use, to help you make your business even more successful. Even if you’re a business of one, you can appear to be much larger than that with the proper use of technology to your advantage.

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