How to… Manage and Lead as a Female Entrepreneur

Some of the world’s top politicians have been, and are women. Through their strengths as decision makers and negotiator’s they have proven to be top at their game and more than able opponents to their male counterparts.

Today,  more women are starting businesses than men, and studies are showing that female-led businesses are more successful than male-led organizations. It’s not certain why this is true, but there are some theories. One of these is that women need to continue to embrace their feminine side once they have figured out… how to manage and lead as a female entrepreneur.

business womanHere are some tips on how to succeed as a female entrepreneur.

* Do Not Ask Permission – One thing women need to stop doing is asking permission to succeed, either from their husband or other men. You can succeed on your own without their permission. Remember that throughout history women have been leaders, and successful too. It’s only due to outside pressures that women have a history of giving up their power. Stop asking for permission and take what is your right.

* Throw Out the Rule Book – Honestly, there never really was a rule book. It’s just that you’ve probably used someone else’s rule book to live your life by. Of course, you want to be kind, generous, and helpful to others, but none of those rules prevent you from running a hugely successful female-run organization.

* Think Outside the Box – Women can be successful in all types of businesses, including technical or so-called traditional business models such as crafts and makeup. There isn’t any business that either a man or woman can’t start and lead to success.

* Know That Women Are Technical – The first coders were women; that’s a fact. Women are also natural mathematicians. It’s only outside influences that have taken that ability away from women by eroding their belief in themselves. You can take all that back by learning about history and realizing that women are just as capable as men.

* Take Your Power Back – If you’ve lost your power due to the way you’ve lived your life up until this day, or due to some bad luck such as losing a loved one or becoming a single parent, realize that you can take your power and control back right now. Accept that you’re just as capable as the next person to be successful, lead and manage a business as a female. There is nothing innate about women that makes them less capable from men.

* Over Deliver Every Single Time – It is true that there are perceptions you’ll have to overcome in business as a woman, which makes it even more imperative that you seek to over deliver to your customers every single time. As you show what you can do, people will start trusting you and believing in you – no matter in which field you ultimately choose to start your business.

* Success Breeds Success – Each time you experience success it leads to your next success. Embrace your success, thank those who have helped you achieve it, and also thank yourself. Realize that you are in charge of your future more than anyone else, and that your choices and ideas are what are creating the success.

* The Rules of the Past Are Gone – While you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, you do need to let go of any rules and limiting beliefs that will hold you back in your entrepreneurial, leadership and management skills. Embrace your abilities, and keep practicing taking charge and you will succeed.

The fact is, women have never really been less capable than men at building businesses. Unnatural forces have held women back and pushed them down, and women are thankfully learning that they are powerful and are able to make key decisions that are making waves in the business world… and also the political world.





Trevor Tillotson

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