How to Revitalize Your Website for the New Year

How to Revitalize Your Website for the New Year is something we should all be pondering at this time of year. To start thinking about it too close to the holidays will mean “missing the boat” for many of us.

It’s easy to get used to the website we have. It seems to work for us, and time passes by so quickly. But, technology changes so fast that it will behove you to do a website audit at least once a year to ensure that it’s providing everything it can to your audience.

* Ensure That What You Should Do Is Obvious – When people look at your home page, can they figure out at a glance what you do? If not, then you need to update your home page to be reflective of what you do, so that no one has to guess. Don’t make them click “about” or “services” to figure out what you do. They won’t do it anyway; they’ll just leave.

* Perform a Content Audit – Take a look at all the content you’re offering, match it to different products in your product funnel, and identify what type of content it is. Does it educate about a problem, solve a problem, or something else? In some cases, you may find content that isn’t even relevant anymore because the links are no good, or perhaps you recommended a product only to find out that they’ve gone out of business.

* Add Video to Your Website – The key to video is to make it short, let the audience turn it on and off, and put it right up front. Be very specific in the video about what you’re talking about, and then put what is said in text on the page under the video for those who would rather read than watch.

* Add Your Mission Statement – One way that can really make your website stand out to your audience is by including your audience-focused mission statement right up front. A mission statement essentially tells your audience what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it. It should be focused 100 percent on the audience.

* Reorganize Your Website Navigation – Take a look at a heat map of your website using Google Analytics or another analytics plan, to find out what your audience does when they visit your site. How do they use the navigation that you use now? Ask your audience for ideas on how to improve the navigation, and then update it accordingly.

* Add Related Content to Other Content – A great plugin to get if you have a WordPress website is a related posts plugin. This enables your blog to recommend other content right after the content they’ve read which is in the same category.

* Add in a CTA with Each Page – Each piece of content should be followed up with some sort of call to action. It’s a good way to close any blog post or video too. People want to know what to do next, so tell them what to do next. If you haven’t been doing that, you can go back and fix any content to include a CTA … similar to this one for my Protection Through Gold (Karatbars) online business system…

* Add New Colors – You want your CTAs and other aspects of your site to stand out better, so reconsider your use of color. Remember to make CTAs a contrasting color. Look on a color wheel and pick what’s directly across from it for best results. The important thing is that any buttons and links that you want people to click on are obvious and show up.

* Check Technology – Any type of tech that you use for your website in front of and behind the scenes should be checked periodically for updates. If you paid someone to create your website and did not buy a security or update plan, you may need to hire a web designer to help you with that. But, all technology should get updated to its most recent version as soon as you can once they are available. Otherwise you could open up your site to hackers.

* Update Lead Magnets – In addition to checking out your website, check out anything you offer as a freebie. Are your lead magnets still relevant? For example, what if you created a freebie about using Google Hangouts on Air? That is not going to work now; you’ll need to update it for the newer technology, which is now YouTube Live.

Taking time out before the beginning of the next year to ensure that your website is ready for your new products and launches is imperative if you want to stay in business for the long term.

If you are reading this article before the end of 2017… here’s wishing you all best wishes, health and prosperity now and throughout…

Trevor Tillotson

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