How To… Spot A Recession

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According to Gold and Silver Expert Mike Maloney it is possible to predict just when a recession is about to happen.

Whether this is the case… or not… the stats show that this indeed may be the case.

How to spot a recession would therefore be a valuable lesson to learn.

Over almost 70 years the charts clearly demonstrate the peaks and troughs associated with every recession over that period of time.

Of course it would be labeled as scare mongering, for anyone who is unqualified, to suggest that a recession has already started without having at least some factual evidence that this may be the case.

I am sharing this very recent video with my team for one reason only and that is to get you thinking about how you and your family will cope in the event of a recession hitting hard and paper money does a devaluation tail spin as inflation kicks in.

Take a look at this short factual presentation from Mike Maloney …

The 6 Charts shared by Mike do tell a recurring story don’t they?

He suggests that based upon the evidence they share that we have already entered a period of recession which he thinks may not be revealed by the Fed until the USA Fall.

Here’s a call out to my team who are with me in Karatbars as either a Gold Purchasing Karatbars Customer or as a Karatbars Business Partner. Mike Maloney as we know has the respect of the gold investment community and is not prone to making rash statements. I think it may be time to ramp up our gold acquisition to protect our families from what promises to be a long period of hardship.

For those Karatbars Business Partners amongst you who have their own teams perhaps you might also want to share Mike’s video with them so that they can prepare their teams foe the future hardship.

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