Instant Product Lab – Digital Product Generator Review

Vendor: Glynn Kosky
PRO: Quick keyword article search and convincing digital product development
CON: Article searches can bring up "variations on a theme" which may need some editing prior to publication - not a biggie though!

Are you are constantly wanting to sell your own info products online, or “add value” to an online offer by providing your own info products as freebies?

Well, imagine if you could create your own product, expand your list & get free traffic – in seconds:

Well, I’ve had a play with Instant Profit Lab and I can say that it does everything that the developers say it does…

…and whats-more it does it quickly and unceremoniously.

Whatever your niche, or front-end product, writing your own or gaining access to digital products to either sell or use as lead magnets, can be a costly exercise both monetarily and in… ┬átime expenditure.

Time and money are essential commodities to online business builders but there’s another part to the success of any digital product such as an e-book and that is skill. If you have ever taken on the task of writing your own e-book you will understand what I mean.

Apart from the copy writing, there is the cover design and graphics which need to be attractive and poignant enough to capture the attention of your prospective cutomers. Instant Profit Lab has enough e-cover templates to cover the more common niches and it is still easy enough to develop your own using the back office system which, along with all of the training needed, is built in.

Searching for a list of articles using specific keywords or niche titles to be included in your e-book or pdf document is very easy, selecting the ones which are irrelevant is by click box bulk deletion leaving the remaining one which can be added to your e-book making up a series of “Chapters”…

… adding a cover from the templates or designing your own is very easy and there you have it…

an e-book made up of existing content from the internet is ready to distribute or sell…

…or not ?

That’s not always going to be the case as it should be stated that the search for “articles” will throw up a selection of “variations on a theme” as you might expect and I found myself editing and rearranging some of the content to make the Chapters flow well.

That’s my only con… if it can be called a con… In my opinion it’s better to put your own flavour on anything which bears your name so the little bit of extra effort is not only essential but beneficial to the success of your campaigns.

Getting back to the pro’s again… IPL automatically adds an affiliate link to your document so if you are interested you can earn commissions too.

In the production of Instant Product Lab, Glynn Kosky and his team have developed a smart little program which has the potential to save time and money as well as provide online business builders with an affordable tool which produces give-away, or for sale, e-books on demand.

So, if you are into adding value this could be your way to impress…

…go for it..

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Happy publishing

Trevor Tillotson


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