Key Analytics As An Affiliate Marketer You Need to Know

There are a number of key analytics that as an affiliate marketer you need to know when deciding which products and services you want to promote.

Here are a couple of Affiliate Marketing websites to wet your appetite and for you to get a handle on what and how you can promote someone else’s products as an affiliate marketer.


At ClickBank, there are several key analytics to watch out for before promoting a product. Start by searching the marketplace using a keyword, like “wellness”. The listing that appears will look something like this.

Thyroid Wellness Diet
Stats: Initial $/sale: $24.92
Avg %/sale: 75.0%
Grav: 0.93

In other words, you will see the name and price of the item, the commission (in this case, 75%) and something called Gravity – that is, the number of different affiliates who have earned money from the product within the last 12 weeks. This is a unique measurement used by ClickBank to help sellers spot what’s hot and what’s not. The higher the gravity, the better.

Some products can be even more profitable because they are not just one sale, but a continuity series that will rebill customers for a membership each month. Here’s an example.

3-Week Diet
Conversions: 7%
Avg $/sale: $31.19
Stats: Initial $/sale: $30.55
Avg %/sale: 75.0%
Avg Rebill Total: $12.69
Avg %/rebill: 75.0%
Grav: 229.9

This would be a popular and profitable product that will keep on earning for you each month. The conversion rate the business has provided means seven out of every 100 people buy, so you could earn $165 for every 100 people you send to their site. If you have good traffic, this could really start to add up. If not, you could run targeted Facebook ads for a few cents to boost your traffic and cash in.

You can check out Clickbank by clicking the CLICKBANK image below…

Affiliates (

Affiliates requires you to fill in a general application form and then apply for particular programs. Not every program at CJ will accept you. Some of the programs are looking for more mature websites, ones that have a lot of traffic, or other criteria before they will accept you.

Having said that, you are sure to find at least a few programs that will be willing to accept you as an affiliate. Once you are accepted, you can start making your own custom links.

Your first task is to search by keyword as you did at ClickBank. You will see a similar report about the program and an idea of how profitable it might be. It is important to note that some programs pay commission, others a flat fee per lead. For example, 1800dentist will pay $5 for every person who signs up at their site – that is, gives their email and sometimes their full address.

cj network

You will see from left to right the name of the business, the network earning potential (which is on a scale of 0 to 5), and then the EPC (earnings per hundred) per 3 months and EPC per 7 days.

If we look at this example, we will see:

1&1 Website Hosting, Rating 5
3-month EPC: 50.26 USD
7-day EPC: 145.97 USD
Sale: 0.00 USD – 100.00 USD

The 7-day EPC shows the promotion has been very successful in the last week.

When you have selected a program, you would apply for it and wait to hear back. Once you were accepted, you could then click on the name of the business to start forming your links.

Note that the links are usually listed from most to least profitable. Just be careful to check the dates, because some of the most successful recent links might be seasonal, such as a special Christmas promotion no longer running.

Know the key metrics in each marketplace and you will be able to pick the winners in your affiliate marketing niche.

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