Mind Your P’s and Q’s – How to Maintain Your Reputation Online

Whether you’ve been in your online business for a while, or even if you are new to building your online business, you will be aware that it can take years to build your reputation but only minutes to destroy it. It’s imperative that as business owners we do what it takes to maintain our good reputation. Thankfully, there are easy ways to make sure you know how to maintain your reputation online if you just… focus on it.






                                                                                                                                   * Sensationalism Often Rules Online – Being an online business owner and part of the online business community is kind of like being in a reality show in some ways. Sensationalism and gossip seems to be the rule. But, if you realize this going in, you can avoid problems by not being party to the gossiping and always staying above the fray. Hey, just be honest, be yourself, and always strive to be helpful and add value.

* Perception Is Reality – It really is… so, until someone proves differently online, the perception people have of you is reality. Dr. Phil says this is the truth for everyone, online or not. How people perceive you is what’s real, so be you… try to ensure WYSIWYG and as close to reality as possible. That way it will be easy to maintain.

* Be Proactive… Everyone Has A Story – You can tell your story online by blogging, being part of online groups, by social network interaction and by being the one to tell your story. Tell your story every chance you get. When you are proactive with your story and information, that will be what people find, and relate to, when they search for information.

* Manage Security Issues – Set privacy settings on private social media; keep your information close to your vest so that no one can ever break into your private sources of information. This is because it can be used by competitors or scammers against you in a negative way to make you look bad.

* Stay on Top of Branding – The information that you put out about your company as far as branding is important. Like your story, it’s the identity and information your audience believes about you. Your branding is how your audience feels when they hear about you, and exemplifies not only your identity but what your business stands for.

* Establish Expertise – To really manage your online reputation, set out to show that you’re the expert in your niche. Become the “go to” person for that niche in a way that overwhelms the competition and firms up your reputation as a leader.

* Maintain Your Integrity – Always be honest to yourself and your Team. Even if you make a mistake, stand up and admit it, and publicly always seek to show your reliability and that you are who you say you are. That perception is all-important.

* Nothing Ever Disappears Online – Remember that nothing ever disappears online – like a digital tattoo. You can cover it up with good information, but it’s better to accept it if something is there out that you don’t really want out there. Once it’s there work to bury it, but also work to embrace it and turn it into a positive.

The single most important point about maintaining your reputation is to always be the one to tell your story, and keep that story at the forefront of your online persona. In addition, you should seek to be who you really are and not put on a façade. After all, the truth will always rise to the top and the last thing you want is to come across as if you’re trying to trick people by not being… the real you.

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