Native Advertising Opportunities for Your Business

As you consider adding native advertising opportunities to your business or using native advertising to get more business, it’s important to look at the different ways that you can incorporate native ads – as well as use the content that you create for native ads.

After all, the ability to repurpose content across all channels is important for most marketers, in order to stretch their budgets. For most small businesses, the biggest opportunity that native ads bring to you is the ability to sponsor content.

Sponsored Blog Posts

This is where you write or have written a particular blog post that gives the audience information that also leads them to your or someone else’s product or service. For example, if you own a company that creates fat free fryers, you might hire a blogger to write a blog post about making fat free French fries using your equipment.

Conversely, if you have a blog about cooking fat free, you may open yourself up to accepting sponsored posts such as the one described. You can get paid for the post, plus receive free products. You must disclose that the post is sponsored, but that really won’t matter as long as the content you deliver is relevant and timely to your audience.

Sponsored Videos

This is where you may have a YouTube channel, and you can do much the same as described in the sponsored blog posts. If you have a company that sells a product or service, you can locate YouTubers who deliver content to your audience and ask them to do this for you for a fee.

As the blogger, you can agree to do it for pay, and free products or services. Again, you have to disclose to your audience about any compensation or free products. The trick is to be honest and let the businesses you work with know that you’ll be honest. You can agree to try out the product without posting unless you like it.

Sponsored Emails

Many online marketers have email lists in the thousands of people in their target audience. If you are the owner of such a list, you have a huge advantage. You can contact businesses and ask them to sponsor an email, or you can wait for them to contact you.

Again, it must be disclosed that the email is sponsored by a particular company. But, in most cases as long as the content is relevant to the audience and there is something in it for them (such as discounts, a contest to win the free merchandise, or other information), they’re going to be fine with it.

Sponsored Newsletters

If you put out a weekly or monthly newsletter, whether print or email, you can seek out sponsors for your newsletter. In some cases the sponsor will supply the content for that issue as well as pay you for sending it out.

If you have a business that markets to that audience, this is an inexpensive way to use other people’s assets to your advantage. You can supply free content to the newsletter owner, even free products, and get your story out to many people this way.

Sponsored Magazines

You may not even realize that many times a magazine is sponsored by a particular company – sometimes the entire issue. This happens a lot with very industry-focused magazines in the financial sector or the art sector (e.g. photography).

As the magazine owner, you can seek out this sponsorship to earn money for your efforts. But, as a business you can seek out sponsorships too. Many smaller magazines will love to have a business like yours sponsor their issues and help them create content that is relevant and useful for their audience.

Guest Editing

Sometimes for magazines, newspapers, and even websites, a guest editor takes over for a month. The idea is to promote the guest editor’s business or name, but to also provide content and interest for the audience. Opportunities exist on both fronts for guest editing. As the owner of the magazine, newspaper or website, you can control who you allow to take over and get free content and information for your audience. As the payer or business being promoted, you can get your message out to more people without overt advertising.

Guest Posting

This works the same way as guest editing in some ways. As the owner of the blog, you can accept guest posts for a fee that are sponsored posts but provide guidelines to the guest on what they can post and how they can market. Both sides can get what they want from this venture.

Guest Videos

This is a little different in that you have to ensure that the guest fits in with your channel very well before you allow it. Having someone take over your YouTube channel for a day or a week can be challenging, but if you choose wisely you can make it work.

These are all opportunities in native advertising that work both ways for each piece of the marketing puzzle. The trick is to ensure that any content is useful on its own, not intrusive, and not overly advertising – while also making it clear that it is sponsored material.

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