New Apps That Are Making Waves in Businesses

Every single day there is always a new wonderful app being invented for business owners that claims to be the next big thing. But, many end up crashing and burning before you ever even take a look. When it comes to business, though, it’s always a good idea to check out the new apps that are making waves in business so that you are on the forefront of knowledge in your niche. Here are a few to wet your appetite.








* Snapchat – In reality it’s hard to say how productive Snapchat is turning out to be good for business owners, but a lot of socially-minded business owners are using it in awesome ways to increase their reach. Business owners are using it for live events, deliver private content, have contests, host promotions and more.

* – One of the most exciting somewhat new creations is It’s kind of like Snapchat but it’s run online via your personal computer. It’s rather like a visual radio station where you can run webinars, live “TV” shows and more. Many business owners are using it to make their social business even bigger.

* – This isn’t new but it’s still exciting because it’s working so great for people. You can use it to digitize your file cabinet, create shared notebooks, save bank statements, and more. It’s great for conducting research and saving that research and keeping organized.

* – This is a full service project management system that is also not even new. It’s easy to use, and what’s more is that it’s free for teams up to 15. They are constantly improving it and making it more useful for business owners.

* – This app is very exciting; it turns your Gmail into a CRM. Customer relationship management is a very important part of any business owner’s journey to success. It enables you to use your Gmail for business account for collaboration and more.

* – Every business needs accounting software to help them keep track of their finances. Almost nothing is more important than keeping on top of your finances when you run a business. What’s really awesome is that Wave is free.

* Instagram – One of the most exciting social media apps to come along in a while is Instagram. If you have a business, you can now start an Instagram for business. Instagram works with Facebook too. You can learn a lot by viewing past and future webinars about using Instagram for business:


* Facebook Groups – Message boards and forums have always been useful for conducting business and getting more customers online. The reason is that building relationships is important and people love feeling as if they’re part of an exclusive group. Enter Facebook groups and you can run your business group from a place where people spend most of their day already.

These apps are wonderful creations that have a lot of use in most businesses today. Whether you have an online business or an offline business, these apps will help boost your popularity, increase your reach and let more people get to know your brand.

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