Nine Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Online Business

Nine Tips for Increasing the Efficiency of Your Online Business

Online business owners are typically sole proprietors and due to that, efficiency needs to be part of everything you do. Your business can be lean and mean, and run almost on autopilot for most things that you do which don’t require your input – provided you set it up that way.

1. Get Help – There are numerous people that you can outsource part of the work to in order to take it off your plate. Consider getting help for customer service, online marketing, project management and more. To do this you can get just about anything you need to promote your business here… … I love this site!!!

Even getting help around the house in your personal life can help create more time in your day that will enable you to be more efficient with your business.

2. Surround Yourself with Smart People – The more smart, like minded, people you can network with who are doing what you want to do and are experiencing the type of success you are aspiring to, the more efficient you’ll become because you’ll learn from them about the topical things coming out that others may not know about just yet.

3. Automate When Possible and Practical – Technology allows for a lot of automation that can help streamline your business. You will want to automate email marketing using a good Autoresponder and some social media sharing, but be careful about trying to automate personal interaction which cannot be replaced. Your personal interaction can be enhanced using video marketing and video conferencing (webcasting) which you can easily do if you have the perfect business management software as your back-office system. I use GVO HostThenProfit which provides me with my Web Site, Web Site Hosting, my Autoresponder, My Video Creation Suite and my Video Conference Suite all in one package at an insanely reasonable monthly cost. Click on the orange link below if you want to Learn More

4. Improve Your Website Navigation – Sometimes navigation is set up on a website more for the owner than for customers. Use heat map technology available with Google Analytics and others that will help you improve your navigation exponentially.

5. Make Your Website Work on All Types of Devices – If your website isn’t working perfectly on all devices, you need to fix that as soon as possible. Google is already, and has been for some time, penalizing sites that don’t work on all devices.

6. Use Professional Tools (such as GVO HostThenProfit) – So many online business owners want to try to take the “cheap” way out with technology. While there are some awesome free platforms, like self-hosted WordPress for example, you’ll still do better if you use a premium theme with it. Also, paid tools offer a lot more security and support and will help you avoid problems with your business, in turn making you more efficient.

7. Set Up Systems – Hardly anything will make your life better and more efficient than setting up systems for everything. If you know that when you get an order you do specific tasks, and you create a checklist or a list of things to do that you check off as you do them each time, you’re going to be more efficient.

8. Set Up a Schedule – People who work from home online often work too much. If you want to be truly efficient, limit the time you work. Set up a work schedule and stick to it. A great way for people who work from home with an online business is to put everything they do (including fun things) in the calendar, then put work around those things as much as possible.

9. Do Money-Making Tasks First – When you set up your schedule, remember to schedule money-making tasks for work times first. Get those out of the way before you do anything else with your business that doesn’t directly earn money (such as checking emails or searching the web). You’ll be more efficient and you’ll avoid busy work.

Being efficient will help you earn more money, and will also cut down on stress. If you can set up systems that help you get work done, and work with contractors who can do all those things that you don’t want to do – or that aren’t in your wheelhouse but nonetheless need to be done, you can run an amazing business online.

Look, it’s not difficult to do all this … it’s fun … and you can do it … if you remain focused and use the right tools for the job!






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