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Vendor: GVO
PRO: All marketing products in one compatible fairly priced suite of software. Great video training and online support team.
CON: None, other than to get one feature (eg. autoresponder or video creation software) you have to get all (still cheaper though)

If you are like me when I first started to build my own business, It felt like swmming in treacle. Everything I needed to do, to promote my business, seemed so overwhelmingly difficult and “techy”.

Email marketing was a new term to me, let alone the word “Autoresponder”, and even though I understood the concept of using emails to advertise my product, where did the email addresses come from?

Then, emails became less successful with the move towards the use of video in advertising. Video advertising has quickly become the most effective way to market any business both in emails and streamed on websites such as YouTube and Google as well as on social media (eg. Facebook).

The sophisticated world of online marketing has also seen the use of live or streamed web casts or webinars which requires more technology as well as video creation and editing skills.

The real and fundamental issue around needing to use all of this technology is how to manage time and expenditure in order to do everything you need to do without breaking the bank or spending frustratingly long hours each day figuring out how to use the technology and wasting time on such non money making activities in the process.

The basic software needed is:

  • Website Development
  • Domain Name & Domain Hosting
  • Autoresponder
  • Video creation/Editing
  • Webinar Production and Delivery

You can purchase all of these software products individually, and believe me I have done just that in the past wasting a ton of money and time on either monthly service fees or one off purchases. The main problem taking this route is that most of the systems are either very complex and “niggly” to use or are incompatible with each other or not easy to use together. Again it boils down to time and/or money.

It took me a year or so to learn from someone much smarter and experienced than I was at the time that there were many alternatives to the “mixed” system I was trying to master which would…

  1. cost me less
  2. increase my income producing activity time
  3. be available in one completely symbiotic software suite

I signed up for a months trial, which at the time was for $1 and I have been using the system ever since. That system is Pure Leverage from GVO.

This short video will take you on a quick tour of Pure Leverage…

Click on the image below to view…

Pure Leverage includes all of the business building software mentioned earlier and the cost is truly remarkable at $24.95 per month. I have been using this software suite for over 4 years now and I am still amazed at the value and the quality of the product. This is especially when you compare the cost and content of the whole suite to say the monthly fees to use Autoresponders like Aweber and GetResponse which cost slightly more than that just for the Autoresponder alone.

Granted, both Aweber and GetResponse are both excellent products in their own right but in reality they offer very little more than the Pure Leverage Autoresponder. Not enough to convince me that they are indispensable enough to overshadow the features and functionality of their cheaper rival from GVO.

You might suggest that… OK I’m biased because as an Affiliate Marketer of this product I make money from it’s promotion. No surprises there… because that is true, but… so could you!

That said, as an Affiliate Marketer Pure Leverage is what is known as an “Evergreen” product. It is a product that I, along with many other online business builders have used for years with consistent success.

Therefore, it is hard to find a reason to not use Pure leverage other than the fact that perhaps you do not like the idea of everything you need to be under the one piece of software, or maybe you are happy with using individual pieces of software and do not need everything that Pure Leverage has to offer. That said I still find it hard not to recommend Pure Leverage even if its just to get your hands on just one or two of the software products which come with the package.

GVO also provide excellent video training which is inclusive as part of their system.

If you are someone who simply wants to get their hands on the GVO Autoresponder… and nothing else, then you can get hold of that individual piece of software here at a fraction of the cost of Aweber or GetResponse.

The Pure Leverage Autoresponder does everything the big name email marketing software does but… arguably more efficiently (due to the fact that GVO run their own servers and ips addresses) and with less fuss.

If you are already subscribing to separate video and/or web cast creation software I am convinced that after taking a look at what GVO have to offer in the one low priced package you will be questioning why you are paying out 3-4x more and with no perceivable advantages.

So, overall a very BIG TICK from me for Pure Leverage from GVO

Trevor Tillotson


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