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How to Go with Your Feminine Flow as an Entrepreneur

Many people are under the assumption that women are weak, powerless, and don’t succeed in business due to that. But, nothing could be further from the truth. Women are truly amazing in their ability to persevere. Just watch any woman laboring during child birth and you’ll know that women know how to get through a difficult time in order to ...

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How To – Learn from Every Mistake to Avoid Repeating It

One of the most important things I have learned as an online business builder is to learn from not only my own mistakes but also those of other people. That’s why they say that in business “you shouldn’t seek to always reinvent the wheel but instead to improve upon it”. I soon realised that there is no reason why you can’t ...

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How to… Manage and Lead as a Female Entrepreneur

Some of the world’s top politicians have been, and are women. Through their strengths as decision makers and negotiator’s they have proven to be top at their game and more than able opponents to their male counterparts. Today,  more women are starting businesses than men, and studies are showing that female-led businesses are more successful than male-led organizations. It’s not ...

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Analysis Paralysis … And How Perseverance Pays Off

Hi Team I’ve been reminiscing a bit recently, Back to the time when I was starting to build my home business and I was suffering from “Analysis Paralysis” and pondering what I thought was … …FAILURE I recalled the words of encouragement from a well known sponsor of mine. At the time I didn’t realise the fact that every successful ...

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