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How To – Learn from Every Mistake to Avoid Repeating It

One of the most important things I have learned as an online business builder is to learn from not only my own mistakes but also those of other people. That’s why they say that in business “you shouldn’t seek to always reinvent the wheel but instead to improve upon it”. I soon realised that there is no reason why you can’t ...

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How to Leverage Growing Technology to Be Competitive

One of the most amazing things about owning an online/offline business today is that there is so much technology that is continuing to grow and improve. This technology makes it even more possible for you to be successful as a business owner without having to hire a lot of people, or pay for high-cost infrastructure. The barriers to entry are ...

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Free Online Classes to Boost Your Marketing Skills

Free online classes to boost your marketing skills are more accessible than you might imagine. It may not seem like it but the truth is, marketing education can be had for free. They say you get what you pay for so your mileage may vary, but the courses listed here are legit and you will learn a lot if you ...

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Give Yourself to Your Team and They Will Give It Back

Let’s get heavy and deep for a moment. It is fair to say that your life is a reflection of your actions. What you put out into the world, you get back in return. If you are negative, you’ll get negativity. If you are positive, you’ll get back positivity. People really do reflect back to you the way you are ...

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