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What Makes a Strong Password?

Yes, it’s me again still ranting on about password security. Passwords are a necessary evil today, with the advent of hackers and thieves who would want to use your information to steal money or even your identity. Identify theft is on the rise and is a constant problem that everyone has to work hard to combat.   So, what makes ...

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Different Ways to Keep Track of Your Passwords

There are some good and not so good different ways to keep track of your passwords. We’ll go over some pros and cons of each of the following ways so that you can pick which way will work best for your needs and security desires. * Your Memory – Yes, this isn’t usually a great way. Even if you pick passwords ...

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How To – Choose From The Top 8 Password Managers

If you choose to use a password manager to keep track of your passwords and keep your information safe, you should know what’s out there. Here’s How To – Choose From The Top 8 Password Managers which are the most highly rated password managers around.  Which software you choose will depend on your needs, your budget, and the features you want most. ...

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