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How to… Manage and Lead as a Female Entrepreneur

Some of the world’s top politicians have been, and are women. Through their strengths as decision makers and negotiator’s they have proven to be top at their game and more than able opponents to their male counterparts. Today,  more women are starting businesses than men, and studies are showing that female-led businesses are more successful than male-led organizations. It’s not ...

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How Do You Quantify Success?

One hell of a question … you might agree? So, how do you quantify success? I believe that quantifying success isn’t always just about dollars. Sometimes it’s more about how you feel about the dollars you make.  One example might be… …If you work in a corporate environment holed up in a cubicle but what you really would like to ...

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Give Yourself to Your Team and They Will Give It Back

Let’s get heavy and deep for a moment. It is fair to say that your life is a reflection of your actions. What you put out into the world, you get back in return. If you are negative, you’ll get negativity. If you are positive, you’ll get back positivity. People really do reflect back to you the way you are ...

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