The Pros and Cons of Native Advertising

There are a lot of good things and bad things about native advertising that you should be aware of before you partake. These pros and cons should be taken into consideration as you choose whether you want to either run native ads on your site, blog, or newsletter, or pay for native ads on another site, blog, or newsletter.

Pros of Native Advertising

* Awesome Customer Targeting – Most native ads allow you to individually target the exact person you want to view the advertisements, based on consumer behavior and based on the audience that visits that particular online real-estate.

* They Are Relatively Inexpensive – It doesn’t cost as much as traditional advertising; you can’t usually use these ads everyplace since they are so targeted for the exact spot they appear. However, if you take a look at Dollar Shave Club and how they’ve reused their ads and learn from them, you may be able to after all.

* Cures Ad Blindness – So many people do not look at ads at all. If they realize right away that it’s an advertisement due to the fact that it’s so salesy or a banner ad, they don’t even see it. What’s more, many people have ads blocked using blockers in their browsers. Native ads can’t be blocked in the same way.

* Provides More Content – If you need more content for your use, this is a good way to get it and be paid for it. If the content is relevant and useful to your audience, it can be a win-win for you and the business paying you.

Cons of Native Advertising

* Some May View It As Dishonest – Certain people view this type of ad as deceptive and dishonest. You know your audience best and will know whether or not they’ll like it. YouTube after YouTube account has been attacked by fans for using sponsored videos, or paid product hauls and so forth. So be careful.

* Google Might Not Like It – Google often penalizes paid content and treats it very different from unpaid, natural content. That’s why paying to have your guest blog posted is not accepted anymore; it’s seen as bad by Google and that’s why people don’t want to do it.

* They May Be Too Advertorial – Some people don’t know how to create native advertising in a way that is less promotional and more informative. The native ads start looking like old-fashioned magazine advertorials instead of like interesting stories for consumers to get value from.

* They’re Not Real Content – Try as we might, advertorial content is simply not real content in the eyes of content marketers, or Google as mentioned above. Therefore, it’s not a good content marketing strategy, although it can be a good income strategy for bloggers and businesses.

The real important aspect of using or creating a native advertisement is whether or not it feels right to you, adds value to your customer and fits within your goals for your business model. The best thing to do is to try it out a couple of times to see if it works. As long as it feels right, you’re transparent, and it works, what is the harm?

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