Why You Need an Email List

It’s pretty obvious that you are reading this because you have either started following my website, or you submitted your email to learn more about one of my online business opportunities… or as a result of becoming a team member in one of my online business opportunities.

Either way, you are a member of my email list which I, along with a majority of online business builders, consider to be the “life blood”of my business. Without people like you, any business would fail and so let me take this golden opportunity to thank you for being part of, and remaining part of my busines.

Here’s why I believe you need an email list to guarantee the success of your Blog, your online store, your online marketing and/or your online publishing business……….

You may have heard the modern way to market without email. You may have even seen/heard online business coaches talking about how they hate email, funnels, and marketing in general. But, the facts are the facts. Email marketing is not dead. In fact, email marketing has a higher return on Investment (ROI) than any other form of marketing. It might even be the very best marketing tool ever invented. Below are several reasons why I believe it is essential for you to develop and nurture an email list…..

* To Grow a Sustainable Business – If you don’t have a bricks and mortar business, you are even more desperate for a list. The reason is that your list is your business, it’s your customer base. If your product or service is legitimate and good value for money your list will sustain you no matter what happens to the algorithms, or whether the social platform dies tomorrow.

* You Own the List – This is something you own and will own forever. AS list owner you can earn extra money by selling advertising or feature article space in your newsletter or blog. The main point here though is, you own it.

* You Have a Direct Line to Your Audience – When you have people on an email list, you can actually select them individually or in groups to either receive or not receive email messages about your business directly via your autoresponder system. It’s not as hit or miss as with your social media messages which they may or may not see, it is more likely that your emails will be seen.

If you are unfamiliar with how an Autoresponder works as an essential email tool for online business you can find out more by checking out AWeber which is my favoured emailing program for building a list and keeping my customers and fellow online business partners up to date , just click the AWeber image below to learn more…..

* Without a List Your Funnels Suck – Whether you realize it or not, funnels are important if you want to have a successful, long-term business. It’s how your audience travels through the buying cycle and an important part of building a real business.

* You Can Sell Your Online Business – When you have a lot of customers with a big list, you can sell it, as good will, to someone else. Without the list, you are unlikely to be able to make much money. The big list is a great retirement plan.

* It’s a Great Way to Build Relationships – You can build great relationships with your subscribers by sending updates about your life as well as your products or services. Also by saying things you don’t normally say on social media, you’ll build trust and closer relationships.

* Get More Traffic – When you have a big list, and you send everyone an update about your blogs, you’ll get more readers and more traffic. They’ll go read your blog, share your blog, and your traffic will go up even more.

* Key Business Success Indicator – One way to tell how well your business is doing now and in the long term is that your list is steadily growing and the response rate is growing too. You can tell if something is not right when people unsubscribe at a high rate or your conversion rate goes down. However, we need to remember that it is normal for some people to detatch from you and your list and unsubscribe when your niche does not match their area interest.

* It can function like a mini ATM – This is sounds sort of rude, but it’s kind of the truth. If you have a good sized and healthy list, if you send a good offer to your list that is relevant to their needs, you’ll get somewhere between a 2 and 7 percent response rate.

* Make More Sales – It’s just a fact that you’re going to make more sales in email than you do straight off your website most of the time. This is why even bigger companies like Amazon and Overstock.com use email, especially when it comes to retargeting.

* Email Is A Better Marketing Platform Than Social Media – A bold statement to make maybe. You may love social media. You may be having some wonderful results from marketing or publishing on social media. But, think of this: MySpace, Blab, and even Facebook and Twitter have a history of quickly deciding to change things and make it harder to market to your audience. In some instances they have even totally gone away. But your email list will always be yours. You can download the list, keep the list, and use the list any way that is legal and ethical for your audience.

Building an email list is not immediate and takes some time; you can go fast or slow, but to guarantee success you need to build it. If you build a great email list that is full of targeted subscribers you will make more sales, and have a better and more sustainable business than if you don’t. Plus, remember the most important thing is that you don’t own your followers on social media; you do own them in your email list.

Trevor Tillotson

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